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  • Will email notifications be provided for project updates?
    Yes, participants in the 70/26 program will receive regular notifications about updates on the website by email and through social media. The updates may include educational materials, invitations to check additional materials on the HealthMed website, invitations to webinars or congresses, etc.
  • Could the 2026 results show a worsening trend with decreased target values considering the new guidelines?
    We will use the same criteria that we used in the EH-UH 1 and EH-UH 2 studies. Otherwise, the comparison will not make sense. We will also take into account the current target values; however, we adhere to the European guidelines, not the American ones
  • Are any activities aimed at patients and what form will they take?
    Of course. On its webpage “The Hunt for the Silent Killer,” the Croatian Hypertension League will set up a sufficient number of educational materials, which will also be distributed on social media platforms. Throughout the initiative, we anticipate that participating physicians will educate patients, inspired by our educational materials. In addition, we plan to prepare posters for physician’s offices, waiting rooms, and pharmacies. Posters will include a link and a QR code for the website of the 70/26 program and the “The Hunt for the Silent Killer”.
  • Does joining “Mission 70/26” mean additional work?
    For all those who see their job as a calling, it will most definitely not mean additional work. The website of the 70/26 program contains a specific description of work expected from participants. In short, participants of the 70/26 program will just need to follow activities and information organized and distributed by the Croatian Hypertension League (educational materials). Those who wish to do more can join the process of assessing the program’s performance, which is also not demanding and does not take much time. Further details about this are available on our website.
  • How will the initiative’s performance, specifically the percentage of effectively managed patients with arterial hypertension, be determined over years?
    The Croatian Hypertension League will organize a follow-up examination of a randomized group of patients, treated by family medicine physicians, in the same way that the EHUH 1 and EHUH 2 studies were conducted. By using the same methodology and the same target values, we will be able to determine the extent of the changes achieved.

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