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What is the 70/26 program and what goal does it aim to achieve?
The 70/26 program was initiated with the goal of achieving target values in 70% of patients treated for arterial hypertension by 2026 in Croatia. The preliminary results of the EH-UH 2 study indicate that control has been achieved in about 50% of treated patients. While our goal may seem overly ambitious, setting an aspirational target that is not inherently unachievable will motivate us to work harder, ultimately leading to significant progress.

Who has organized and is carrying out the 70/26 program?
The Croatian Hypertension League has organized and is carrying out this important program as part of its permanent campaign called “The Hunt for the Silent Killer”, together with professional societies that are active in all initiatives and programs organized by the League. In the case of this initiative, those are the Croatian Society of Hypertension, the Croatian Cardiac Society, the Croatian Atherosclerotic Society, the Croatian Renal Association, all societies of family medicine physicians, the Association of Medical Nurses and Technicians for Hypertension, the Croatian Association of Cardiology Nurses, the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists, and, of course, the Croatian Institute of Public Health. The entire program unfolds with significant, selfless support and assistance from Servier, a company that distinguishes itself from the rest by consistently aiding projects undertaken by professional societies.

Who can take part in the 70/26 program?
This program may, and I would dare to say should, involve all physicians, all medical nurses and technicians, and all pharmacists – essentially, all healthcare workers – having in mind the fact that arterial hypertension is the main public health problem in Croatia, as well as a strong, and in most patients with cardio-renal-metabolic diseases, the main risk factor that can be both prevented and successfully controlled with the right approach. Anyone wishing to become a part of Mission 70/26 must register on HealthMED through the provided link.

How will the 70/26 program be organized?
We plan to achieve the goal of this program by reducing clinical inertia and increasing adherence, which are key steps wherever we have all currently available medications at our disposal, as is fortunately the case in Croatia. The program will primarily involve digital education, sharing various interesting, important, and useful materials and tips. These resources aim to enhance our health literacy, making it easier for us to transfer this knowledge to our patients. Participants in the program will regularly receive email notifications about available new educational materials, and in addition they will be invited to routinely visit educational platform of the Croatian Hypertension League, HealthMed, where they will find a wealth of additional useful materials. Patients will need to be advised to regularly visit the website of the permanent educational website of the Croatian Hypertension League prepared for the general population, “The Hunt for the Silent Killer,” where they will find important and useful information. The program 70/26 will be also discussed at our professional meetings, and we anticipate support from various media outlets. 

How will participants in the 70/26 program contribute to its success? 
Each project participant just needs to consistently keep track of the information we will send, and incorporate the new knowledge in their daily work. They will also need to share updates about this program and the importance of achieving its intended goal among their colleagues and, of course, among their patients. We hope that these educational activities will advance clinical work, thereby improving the management of patients treated for arterial hypertension.
Overall, tasks and responsibilities within the program will not impede the daily work of physicians, nurses, technicians, or pharmacists. Education, for both our patients and ourselves, is an integral part of our professional duties.

Who will take on specific tasks and responsibilities in the 70/26 program?
In addition to the above, family medicine physicians who wish to receive not only a confirmation of their participation in the project, but also a certificate and points from the Croatian Medical Chamber for each year of their involvement in the project, will need to invite around thirty patients from their patient database using a randomization procedure at the conclusion of the program for the final examination which will include  blood pressure measurements. This information will be necessary for the assessment of the project’s performance. 
This assessment and field work (questionnaire, clinical examination, measurements), which will ensure double anonymity, will be conducted by the Croatian Hypertension League’s team (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical students).
The Croatian Hypertension League, including all its members and partners, is tasked with providing a sufficient amount of useful information, and conducting a final assessment of the project’s performance, and with help of its digital parnter with delivering digital and IT support and continuously enhancing the visibility of the program.
Servier is tasked with ensuring that their associates consistently remind all participants and collaborators about the 70/26 program during their regular visits to physicians and pharmacists.

What benefits do participants gain from the 70/26 program?
First, each participant will actively join the efforts of the society as a whole and the scientific community to mitigate the deadly impact of arterial hypertension. All program participants will regularly receive information and updates to enrich their knowledge, enabling each individual to enhance their work and leading to their great satisfaction. 
Participants who take part in the performance assessment process (field examination containing structured questionnaire, clinical examination, measurements) will receive points from the Croatian Medical Chamber, the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists, and the Croatian Nursing Council for each year of their involvement in the program.
Program participants will either be exempt from or get a substantial discount on registration fees for symposiums, meetings, and congresses organized by the Croatian Hypertension League.

How will we assess the success of the 70/26 program?
As the program approaches its conclusion in 2026, the Croatian Hypertension League will organize a series of field examinations to assess its performance in several locations throughout Croatia. The Croatian Hypertension League’s team will participate in the field examinations, but local physicians, nurses and pharmacists wishing to join are welcome. The field examination will follow the pattern and algorithm used in the EH-UH studies. This way, by utilizing the same methodology, we will be able to monitor trends in the management and control of patients treated for arterial hypertension. At the end of the program, family medicine physicians will need to invite approximately thirty patients from their patient database through a randomization procedure.  This assessment process, which will ensure double anonymity (neither the patient’s name nor the name of the physician who randomized patients will be known), will be conducted by the Croatian Hypertension League’s team. However, local physicians, nurses, or pharmacists can also join. Family medicine physicians will use a series of numbers based on specific parameters to randomize approximately thirty patients from their outpatient clinics. They will then inform these patients about the program by phone and invite them for an examination, including measurements, and communicate the time and location of the examination. All details and precise instructions will be provided to collaborators and participants of the 70/26 program in a timely manner during its final year.

How can I join the 70/26 program?
To join this project, you simply need to fill out a straightforward form, either on a dedicated place of the 70/26 program on the Croatian Hypertension League’s website or using an iPad during a visit from an associate from Servier. You just need to enter your first and last name, email address and workplace. You will receive an email confirming your enrollment in the 70/26 program, along with any additional instructions and information. Additionally, it is important to note that anyone wishing to participate in Mission 70/26 must be registered on HealthMED through the provided link. 


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